Outdoor Advertisement

1. Billboard advertising
Billboard advertising is one of, if not the most recognisable mediums . the basic concept of a large printed advertisement – positioned prominently in the public eye – is a cornerstone of the Billboards offer marketers and advertisers a wide degree of flexibility in their campaign, and are available in all kinds of sizes, and in all kinds of places. Billboards are often situated along roadsides (on bridges or independant stands) and in proximity to areas.

Static billboards: 
Backlit billboards:
Mobile billboards: 
Digital billboards: 

2. Point of sale advertising
While some types of outdoor advertising are intended to attract the attention of a wide range of consumers, point of sale advertising (also known as ‘POS’ or ‘POP’ – point of purchase) This type of advertising involves an advert or display positioned in proximity of a ‘point of sale’ loke  a supermarket, or near the clothes store, with the intention of promoting is about to make a purchase.

Adverts on containers
Display stands: 

3. Retail advertising
Retail advertising is specifically in or around retail environments, such as stores and shopping malls.
Lift graphics:
Floor graphics:
Mall Events: 

4. Vehicle advertising
This is an effective and popular type of outdoor advertising this media is constantly on the move, and so the advert is able to reach people in a much wider area,this increases brand awareness on a much larger scal with multiple locations. It also can be presented given specific territories.

  • Trucks
  • Taxi wraps
  • Bus wraps
  • Auto wraps
  • LED vehicles
  • In-flight branding
  • Train wraps


Building Advertisement

  • Wall wraps
  • Hoardings
  • Building wraps
  • Glass wraps